my top ten beach reads


This is a new record! I have actually completed The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday on a Tuesday… again. Yay! :) This week’s topic was Top Ten Beach Reads. Which brings me to confess something. I don’t really go to the beach. Gasp, I know. I honestly don’t think I’m the only one, right? So, hopefully what I have come up with is kind of good. I hope.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

amy and roger’s epic detour

I looooooove this book! :) Not only is Morgan Matson just a fabulous author, the actual story takes place during a road trip. That’s pretty summer-y, right?

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks

peace, love, and baby ducks

Lauren Myracle has been a favorite of mine ever since I read Twelve, {one of the books in the Winnie Years series} so when I ventured into her YA books, I was so happy to find that they were just as good! The writing is light and fluffy, but I thought the characters were developed. It is a total LOL novel!

The Wedding Planner's Daughter (The Wedding Planner's Daughter #1)

the wedding planner’s daughter books

Teenage drama? Check. Cute summer romance? Check. Okay plot, but enough to make you keep reading? Check :) I wouldn’t call these books anything special, but they have everything that is needed for a typical beach read. Did I mention that it is set on Cape Cod? {View a review of the latest book in the series here.}

My Fair Godmother

my fairy fair godmother

Every single one of Janette Rallison’s books never fail to make me laugh. The poor characters go through so much, or they are over-the-top and ridiculous. Chrissy, the fairy godmother, fall into the second category. She’s not what would be considered a good fairy godmother…

The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball

the secret society of the pink crystal ball

This was a delightful read! I loved it a lot, and it is definitely a book I wouldn’t mind owning. {wish list worthy, everyone.} Because of the romance and silliness, I think it fits as a beach read, but it isn’t a mushy book. {that’s what I call writing that is SO bad that it turns your brain to mush :) Surprise. Surprise, they are usually YA and romance.}

The Cupcake Queen

the cupcake queen

Heather Hepler has only written a few books, but she is an author to watch out for. Of all the books I’ve read of her’s, they are simply awesome. The Cupcake Queen isn’t set in the winter like her other book, Love? Maybe., but both would be a lovely choice for a light afternoon read.

What Happened to Goodbye

what happened to goodbye

I think Sarah Dessen is the queen of young adult. All of her books are basically the same, but she’s makes it so you can’t stop reading. This was my first novel by Sarah Dessen, but any would do.

Audrey, Wait!

Audrey, Wait!

Anything by Robin Benway rocks.

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

models don’t eat chocolate cookies

I haven’t read this in a couple of years, but let me tell you, Erin Dionne is an amazing writer! This is a perfect beach read because it will always make you laugh. Trust me.

Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall

heaven looks a lot like the mall

This book is written in verse by a girl whose head was bumped in a game of dodgeball. {i think?} Anyhoo, so funny and is actually pretty true. I *might* be biased, however, because I think anything by Wendy Mass is good.

I loved looking through everyone else’s, and it looks like there are a lot of books I have already read. If you want to see more summer reads, hop on over to the post, and maybe add your own!

Bella :)


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