Take a Bow: A Book Review


Take a Bow

Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg

Summary: This book is told in four different points of view, so I’m going to divide the summary up for each main character.


Emme composes songs, yet she never sings them. That job goes to her best friend, Sophie, the more confident of the two. Both girls attend CPA, {a creative and performing arts school} but between auditions, tests, and Emme’s band, they almost never see each other. And when they do, it always seems that Sophie needs a new song or needs to rehearse. Why can everyone BUT Emme tell that her so-called best friend is just using her?


Sophie wants to be a star. She has been singing since she was a little girl, and so far, everything has gone to plan. Go to CPA with Emme. Become famous by dating Carter, a former movie star, and starring in every possible production. And, then, hopefully, get a job in show biz! However, when Emme becomes more comfortable on stage, Sophie becomes worried. If Emme sings her own songs, what can Sophie sing? Why is Emme choosing to start singing now, right when Sophie needs the attention? And, why, oh, why is Emme so needy?!


Starring in hit movies as a kid, Carter never had a break during his childhood. When he made the choice to attend a “normal” high school, his mother and agent were surprised, but they supported him. Carter could go to high school and appear on a soap opera, right? As his graduation comes closer, Carter realizes that maybe he doesn’t want to act. He has always had a secret passion for art…


Ethan has made some stupid mistakes in the past, but he would do anything to prove his love for Emme. Every since the first day of high school, Ethan can’t think of anyone else. With the two of them in the music composition program, and in a band with their good friends, Ben and Jack, it seems that Ethan and Emme are already a couple! However, after the incident, will Emme ever look at Ethan in the same way?

My Thoughts: *There are a LOT of spoilers ahead. You have now been warned.* I LOVED this book! :) I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I put this book on the hold. Emme was a doll, and über sweet. I loved her personality, although I do wish that she noticed what a horrible friend Sophie was earlier. That, however, is a personality flaw; it has nothing to do with Elizabeth Eulberg’s writing. Emme truly grew as a character throughout the entire story. As she blossomed as a performer, I think she became more confident in her relationships. The ending scene between her and Ethan made me want to cry because you could obviously tell how torn she was. I do think that she made the right decision in the end. And, before I forget, she totally deserved to get into Julliard :) Ethan reminded me SO much of Adam from Where She Went. From his unconditional love for Emme {like Adam’s love for Mia} to his band, {Adam was in a band, as well.} they were very similar. They were also lost without the girl, and then spiraled out of control. Without Mia, Adam turned to drugs, and when he realized that there was a possibility that Emme hated him, Ethan went to drinking. I am very happy that they finally ended up together. Carter was awesome. I <3 him. The dialogue between him and Emme not only were great examples of good  writing, but they made me feel all happy inside :) And, even if this is a fictional book, I hope that the friendship continues because it was such a good pairing. I was so excited for Carter when he sorted out his life and actually did what HE wanted to do. I disliked his mom at first, but she proved that she was not that bad of a mom. Sophie was self-absorbed and a complete and utter jerk. How could you do that to anyone, most of all Emme? And you’re calling her needy? No. No. No. There was nothing to like about Sophie, and my feelings about her didn’t change at all. There was really no change in her character that would have changed my opinion about her. Anyhoo, I don’t think I can tell you enough. Elizabeth Eulberg rocks, and I can’t wait to read her other books!

Pros: Developed characters, wonderfully written story, and entertaining plot.

Cons: Nothing!

Heads Up: Romance and mentions of drinking.

Overall: I give it 5 stars {*****} for a wish list worthy book.* I recommend it for ages 12 and up.

Sorry for disappearing over the weekend, but I do hope that this long review will make up for it!

Bella :)

*A wish list worthy book is a huge honor, guys. Wish list making is a pretty big deal  for me. Mine has been done for a month now, and my birthday is in July ;)


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