The Boy on Cinnamon Street: A Book Review


The Boy on Cinnamon Street

The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone

Summary: Louise Terrace should be living with her parents, but she can’t. Louise should be the captain of the gymnastics team, but she isn’t. Louise should have plenty of friends, but she only has two. After one tragic accident, Louise lives with her grandparents in a small condo. Although Louise always feels the urge to flip or do a cartwheel, she quit the team because of the mean girls. And, despite her lovely personality, Louise only hangs out with Reni and Henderson, her two best friends. Louise thinks she is okay, but when a teenage boy drops off pizza at her house, she remembers somethings. Just a spark of that day when everything spiraled out of her control. And when Louise finds a note on her front doorstep, she and Reni are almost positive that it is the pizza delivery guy, Benny McCartney. Does Benny McCartney like her? Everything is just so confusing, and Louise doesn’t know how to handle it all. Will Louise figure out the truth about the day her mom disappeared and who delivered that love note?

My Thoughts: *Plenty of spoilers ahead!* Awww :) This was such a sweet story! I’m a huge fan of Phoebe Stone’s other books. I was constantly checking the library website to see if any branch in the area had a copy, and, finally, one did! I felt bad for Louise. She was juggling so much already, and then the note came along, and then she began to remember things about her mom. She must have been so overwhelmed! I thought Stone did a fab job showing Louise’s emotions, and that really helped to develop Louise’s character. The flashbacks Louise had didn’t interrupt the story, instead, they just flowed along with the plotline. I enjoyed learning more and more about the mother-daughter connection, and I wish we had just one or two more glimpses into that part of Louise’s life. I found that Louise kept blocking everything from the day her mom died and before that, but Stone made it clear how confuzzled her emotion were :) Henderson was a sweetie-pie, and Louise totally deserves someone as nice and as dorkable as him. For real, though, what 13-year old boy would send notes and books to someone they care about? Henderson was a unique individual :) I loved how he sent Louise that note trying to convince her to go back to gymnastics. Really, they are just SO cute! Reni was a bit dramatic, and she jumped to conclusions a LOT, but that’s just part of her bubbly personality. The apology scene between Reni and Louise felt heartfelt, and you could tell that Reni meant it. Benny was, I don’t know, too worked up for me to actually care for him. I kept thinking of him as the impossible, but when he read that poem to Reni’s sister, I guess you could tell that he actually liked someone, just not Louise. The grandparents were adorable in every way, shape, and form! The only thing I disliked was how much “Ha. Ha.” was used. It disrupted the flow of my reading, and it felt too informal for the book, But, that would be it!

Pros: Well-written story.

Cons: Characters could have used a tad more developing.

Heads Up: Death.

Overall: I give it 4 1/2 stars {**** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

Happy Sunday!

Bella :)


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