The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had: A Book Review


The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine

Summary: Harry “Dit” Sims can’t wait to meet the new postmaster’s son. They could play baseball together, skip stones in the river, and explore in the woods. But wait, is that a girl coming out of the train? And she’s black? Dit wasn’t expecting this! The girl’s name is Emma, and Dit thinks she’s too much of a girly girl to do anything with. Unfortunately, Dit’s mother is forcing him to show Emma around their small town and make her feel welcome. As they spend more time together, Dit realizes that Emma isn’t that bad. She could even be considered as a friend… However, not all of the town citizens feel that way. Many, like the town sheriff, Big Foot, think that white boys like Dit shouldn’t be spending time with a black girl. In fact, Big Foot is pretty prejudice toward another black family, Doc Haley and Elbert. And one day, when Big Foot comes in to Doc’s barbershop, the two men start to fight, and everything goes oh-so terribly wrong. Can Dit and Emma save Doc, against all odds?

My Thoughts: I LOVE Kristin Levine’s books! They are SO SO good! :) I loved The Lions of Little Rock, so I knew I just had to read Levine’s other book. The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had {which will be referred to as BBLIEH from now on} was so well-written. Honestly, I don’t know how the author does it, but she keeps me engaged for so long, and all I want to do is keep reading to find out what happens next! Not a good idea, however, to stay up late when you still have school the next day. Oops. I loved Dit. He grew so much as a character throughout the story, and I was proud of him! He was kind of clueless in the beginning and a bit oblivious to what was really important, but I think Emma helped him realize those things. The ending was such a sweet way to wrap up the story, and it truly showed how mature Dit became. Emma was another favorite. She was smart, confident, and courageous, and I admired her fearlessness when it came to facing bigger problems. Does that make any sense? Emma and Dit were such a cute couple, and I wished Emma didn’t have to leave so that they could stay together forever and ever and ever :) Levine did a great job developing their chemistry, and I was tearing up because of how sad they bother were when they were apart. Big Foot was a meanie. It’s true, and you all know it. *BIG spoiler* I was actually kind of glad when he died. Doc didn’t deserve anything that Big Foot did to him. The plot was well-developed, as were the characters. I think my only “complaint” was that the beginning wasn’t very clear. When I first read it, i was under the impression that Dit was black, so that messed up the story! ;) Other than that it was super. Now she just needs to write another book, so I can tell you all how much I love that one too!

Pros: Well-written story and fully developed characters.

Cons: The beginning wasn’t clear enough. Or that could have just been a detail I missed. Who knows, right?

Heads Up: Some violence and minor language.

Overall: I give it 5 stars {*****} and I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

To read my review of The Lions of Little Rock, click here.

Have a delightful night everyone!

Bella :)


4 thoughts on “The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had: A Book Review

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