field day


The dolls have been kind of neglected lately. I felt that they deserved a post, right? Anyhoo, today was their field day! For those who do not know, field day is usually at the end of the year. It happens when everyone is sick of school :) {three weeks left!}

To start off their field day, Julie and her friends put on their sunscreen. They knew it was very important to protect themselves from the sun :)

The first event of the day was a game of softball. The girls were divided into two teams. First up was Cece! {She is my sister’s oh-so very cute doll.}

The next event was the 100-meter dash. Julie and Isabella were up to race. It was going to be close…

…but Julie took the lead and won!

After the race was a friendly game of kickball. Zoey had a strong boot, so she was first to kick.

The last game of the day was a hopscotch competition! Isabella was able to win against her friends when she finished the hopscotch in just a few seconds.

So, all in all, they had a rather fun day and are now just counting down the days until summer. Like moi :)

Have a lovely evening!

Bella :)



2 thoughts on “field day

  1. You didn’t use gabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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