Princess of Glass: A Book Review


Princess of Glass

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Summary: Princess Poppy hasn’t been to the Midnight Ball for three years, yet she still refuses to take part in dancing. She, her eleven sisters, and Galen have broken the King Under Stone’s curse, so the twelve girls don’t have to attend the wretched ball anymore. Now that her nightmares are over, Poppy hopes to escape the other troubles in her kingdom. She has agreed, although rather reluctantly, to join a royal exchange program, where she will stay with her cousins. All Poppy is expecting to find is better political allies, and if she’s lucky, a prince, but she was definitely not prepared to be wrapped up in magic again! A young royal named Eleanora, {she’s now a maid} has made a deal with the Corley, an elderly, dark fairy. The Corley was Ellen’s “godmother” and promised the young women that she would help Eleanora find her true love. What the old witch didn’t tell Ellen was that she would do anything to make sure Ellen marries Prince Christian. Now, Eleanora is trapped in a magical deal, and she can’t escape. Her beauty only lasts until midnight, and the glass slippers the Corley makes her wear ache ever so much. Ellen is really worried when her feet began to turn to glass! With Poppy’s help, and a few new friends, will Eleanora be able to fix her mistake?

My Thoughts: I recently read the first book in this series, and fell in love with the twelve princesses, so I was eager to start this one! Just like in The Princess of the Midnight Ball, the story revolved around the actions of one of the twelve sisters. This time, instead of Rose, it was the bold and feisty Poppy. Poppy and her twin sister, Daisy, were oh-so funny in the last story, but, being minor characters, they were less developed than Galen or Rose. Jessica Day George did such a good job full developing Poppy this time around, and we got to see why she acted a certain way. Anyhoo, Poppy is so funny, and I love that she will say anything on her mind. I did find her a bit insensitive to Eleanora, but, of course, that goes with her character. I loved her choice in dresses! I know we were only given short descriptions, but I could imagine them all so easily. Makes me with I had her wardrobe :) Lady Marianne was so sweet, and I think she and I were the most alike. I loved that she was timid sometimes, but when it came to things like the Masquerade Ball, she wasn’t afraid to go all out! Poppy’s cousins were dears, and I found them so kind to her when they welcomed Poppy into their home. Prince Christian made a fool out of himself. Sure, he was under a trance, but come on… :) I was delighted to see him back to his regular self at the end, and I think he and Poppy would make a cute couple. Roger and Dickon were funny, and added some humor to the rather dark scenes. For some odd reason, they reminded me of Chuck and Morgan from Chuck. Weird. Ellen was on and off for me. One minute I like her, the next, I couldn’t stand her whining. She whined a lot. The Corley was the classic evil person, and I was happy to see her go. How they defeated her was a bit unclear, maybe the author could have improved on that some more. I also wished that the background of the Corley was closer to the beginning because then I would have understood her actions better. Last, but not least, I would have liked a map in the beginning. All of those kingdoms were rather confusing.

Pros: Unique retelling of Cinderella and mostly developed characters.

Cons: Confusing ending.

Heads Up: Minor love and violence.

Overall: I give it 4 stars {****} and I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

You can see my review of The Princess of the Midnight Ball here.

Bella :)


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