loving >> week 23


I’m loving…

american girl read-a-palooza

american girl’s read-a-palooza

AG and books!? This just made my day! From now until September, American Girl will be hosting a Read-a-Palooza. For every book purchase made at American Girl, AG will donate one dollar to the Save the Children’s US literary program. Not only that, they will be hosting reading-related events all summer long, and they have downloadable bookmarks and quizzes to take online. I love that they are encouraging girls to read! As an active reader and a book club member, I read ALL the time :) However, I know it’s hard for some to find the time or it’s difficult to discover a good book. Hopefully, with a push from AG, a few girls {and maybe their dolls} will try picking up a book!

the cover of the smitten kitchen cookbook

the smitten kitchen cookbook!

I practically squealed when I saw the cover of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook! I have been reading Smitten Kitchen for close to a year now, and Deb’s recipes have been used over and over again in our house. She has just about everything, but I love her wide array of desserts the most. Anyhoo, as I read more, it seems that it is only available for pre-order right now. {It doesn’t officially come out until the end of October.} Fortunately, she has these cute certificates to give if you are purchasing it as a gift now. Yay for thinking ahead! :)

this may calendar

You don’t know how helpful Fernweh’s monthly calendars are to me! I may have one too many calendars {not including this one, I have three in my bedroom!} but this one was too pretty to pass up. I’m so happy they went back to this route, and their weekly ideas are spot-on. It makes me realize how soon the end of school is… I’ve been working hard on my summer bucket list, and I plan to put it into action soon! Next week I will definitely need to declutter to prepare for June. That shouldn’t be too hard ;)

honest tea’s zero calorie lemonade

I drink these SO much. They have zero calories and are the perfect thirst quencher! I’m a huge fan of the Honest Tea brand, so I wasn’t surprised when I fell in love with their lemonade last summer. I hadn’t had it in a while, but we were able to pick up a few last weekend. Let’s just say I’m almost out.

Aladdin by Dee Choi



My darling sister is performing in a production of Aladdin tomorrow! I wish you the best of luck, Lulu! XO, B :)

Night, y’all.

Bella :)


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