Cinder: A Book Review


Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Summary: Hovers fly through the air. Humans and androids mix through the streets. ID chips are implanted in everyone’s arms. It is 126 years after World War IV, and New Beijing is slowly dying. Millions of citizens have been diagnosed with the deadly plague, and their families are all suffering. The emperor himself died from the disease, and left the throne to his son, Prince Kai. Kai has little experience, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to save his country, except marry the Lunar queen. Queen Levena and her people live on the moon, and the two countries have been trying to come to an agreement for ages. Both of the rulers are stubborn on their decisions, however, and there is only one person left to help. In comes Cinder, a lowly mechanic, still recovering from the fact that her sister and only human friend, Peony, has the plague. Cinder is a cyborg, who are looked down on in society. It’s not her fault! When her stepmom accuses her of spreading the plague to Peony, Cinder is given the “honor” of being a test subject for the doctors. Turns out, she is quite special, and, she may be the key to saving New Beijing.

My Thoughts: Spoilers ahead! Like The Statistical Probability of Falling In Love, this is a book that keeps popping up on the dozen YA blogs I read. I first saw it in a past issue of GL, and the concept caught my attention. I love reading adaptions and/or modern retellings of fairy tales, so this seemed right up my alley. This is my second time checking it out of the library. The first time I had to return it because I had too many books :) It’s a problem… Anyhoo, I decided to read it this week and oh. my. It could have used just a bit of tweaking, but this is a strong young adult novel. It had the romance, the action, and the suspense. Cinder actually reminded me a bit of Katniss. Don’t know why. Maybe it was their fearless personalities? And, like Katniss, at the end, she became a bit whiny. I cut her some slack, because of her sister, and Kai, and the fact that she’s *gasp* Lunar, but I always appreciate a positive outlook in main characters. We will have to see how she acts in the next few books. Prince Kai was the man and from the descriptions, a total cutie-patootie :) I wanted to cry at the end. He was use so confused. I kind of wanted Kai and Cinder to fall in love and have a happy ending, but that’s not happening any time soon. On the other hand, I did NOT like Adri. I despised her. I loathed her. I highly disliked her. Get the idea? Umm, yeah, she’s definitely in that “How Could You Be So Mean?!” group. {along with Effie from I’ll Be Watching and that priest from The Princess of the Midnight Ball.} I liked, Dr. Erland, however. He may have been a little kooky, but he meant well. To tell you the truth, I actually hated Adri more than Queen Levena. I think it’s because the queen had more development, so I could understand her point of view better. The storyline was carried out nicely, although there were a few plot areas were the author could have added to. The ending left me disappointed, which is too bad, because, at that point, the writing was superb. It was too fast, and inconsistent with the rest of the book. However, that big development on the last page? I did not see that one coming! That is where I would like the next book to come out. I guess I will just have to wait.

Pros: Great concept and solid writing.

Cons: A few development holes.

Heads Up: Romance, but nothing big. Two very VERY minor language issues.

Overall: I give it 4 1/2 stars {**** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 12 and up.

There were more than three instances in which I wanted to cry for the characters on the latest Glee. I organized them in a nice, little list for you all :)

  • When Puck needed to pass his European Geography Test to graduate, and he studied really hard-ish, and he still got an F. {sniffle}
  • When they had those scenes between Coach Beiste and her husband. {another sniffle.}
  • When Rachel choked on her audition. What is she going to do now?! {big sniffle.}

That was an intense episode, guys. Intense.

Bella :)


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