loving >> week 22


I’m loving…

stonyfield frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is my love! I am one huge fan of this frozen yumminess, and, yes, it is VERY different from ice cream :) It’s perfect for an after school snack or as summer approaches, a dessert following dinner. You can’t go wrong with the basics, such as chocolate and vanilla, but I also like the Fudge Swirl kind. {They discontinued my favorite, Cookies n’ Cream! What’s up with that?!} Anyhoo, I find that yogurt is less heavy and is much healthier for you. Now, who else is a frozen yogurt junkie?

these cutie-patooties

I want to hug these guys again and again every time I see them. My little sister recently purchased Emma {formally known as Corky} and Zig-Zag in the past week, and they are already the main members of her stuffed animal family. Staring in their big, big eyes practically hypnotizes you. Plus, they make perfect cuddling companions! I love them so much, I really want to sneak into my sister’s room and “borrow” them from her. Not that I would do that, Lulu. Not at all ;)

pb teen’s wire wall letters

My friend’s  birthday happened recently, and next Friday, we are hanging out to celebrate. As a gift, I got her one of these letters for her room. Her name is Emily, so, obviously, I got her an “E.” :) Anyhoo, these are super cool, and I actually wish I purchased one for myself. The letters are fairly cheap and are a good size. I *think* you can slide pictures and notes inside, so, really, they are just like a fancy bulletin board. PB Teen is the best, yes?

Hannah Nicole // Aspire

hannah and carlotta’s new designs

I was reading through my blogroll today when I realized that both Hannah AND Carlotta changed their blogs up! I read their blogs often, so I always love when things switch around a bit. Hannah’s is quite pretty, and I love the mix of black, turquoise, and red. She is such an amazing photographer, so with her photography blog developing, I’m sure we will see even more. Carlotta’s is very simple and elegant, but she still makes it fun to read. Her photos are gorgeous as well! I’m hoping that this summer I will be able to change my blog design too!



one-act play festival!

This week was a tiring one, and after tomorrow, it will be ALL over. We had rehearsal Monday through Thursday this week, with a show on Wednesday as well. We also performed today for my school, and I really do think that we are ready. If you don’t remember, I’m in charge of sound. I spent a good hour and a half looking for an image to fit “acting” or “The Outsiders,” but I couldn’t find a decent one! Anyhoo, I hope a bit of Mary Poppins will bring us luck tomorrow :) We, of course, are going for the gold!

Bella :)


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