the cupcake basics | part three


Today is the final segment of “The Cupcake Basics!” In the past two parts, we talked about the actual cupcake and batter, and then we discussed frosting. I think it’s time that we covered decorating!

There are thousands of possibilities, from sprinkles to the craziest designs. In my cupcakes above, I simply used cupcake toppers. Since it was around Easter, it was fitting that I used dashing bunnies {clearance at Williams Sonoma}, but there’s a wide selection for you to choose from.

 I like these Snow White characters included in this set

Soccer Cupcake Decorating Kit

and these soccer ones in this set.

Homemade toppers take a bit more time, but they have such a cool result. Here, Callye made AHdorable chick cookies and then used icing to “paste” them on her cupcakes. She also used this technique here to make bunny ears for her bunnies :)

Karen Tack and Alan Richardson are the king and queen when it comes to cupcake decorating. Their three cookbooks are chock full of wacky and unique ideas. I love their shoe cupcakes! Not only that, they also post at their blog. Here is an example of one of their posts. Aren’t the lemons fun?!

 Last, but not least, are cupcake wrappers. You could certainly leave them off, but without them they are pretty hard to get out of the pan ;) There are SO many options, you can surely find one to match your cupcake “theme.”

What do you have to say about cupcake decorating? Any tips?

Bella :)

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