Fake Me a Match: A Book Review


Fake Me a Match

Fake Me a Match by Lauren Barnholdt

Summary: Avery LaDuke wants a new BFF. Her ex-best friend, Sophie Burns, dumped her for the “popular” crowd, and hanging with Rina and Jess just isn’t the same. Now that her mom and Will are getting married, maybe her new sister will be the perfect candidate. Blake is her age, is from New York, and Avery thinks she and her will be the bestest of friends in no time flat! But nothing goes according to plan. Blake becomes friends with Sophie and the rest of the queen bees, and leaves Avery to take care of their dogs and to finish painting their room! While Blake flirts with boys, Avery is chosen to lead this year’s Student Council charity project, a match making service. All money earned would go to a good cause, so she couldn’t say no, right? When she and Blake have a fight, Avery gets an idea. She could match Blake up with her crush, Sam! When the matches don’t work out, and the class advisor knows someone tampered with the results, Avery is stuck. To top everything off, she was matched up with Sam, and Avery actually likes him… and he likes her back. Will she be able to decide between the best friend/sister or the boy?

My Thoughts: I enjoyed reading another one of Lauren Barnholdt’s books, Rules for Secret Keeping, last year, so I put this one on hold at the library once I saw it at the bookstore. It was cute, but  nothing memorable. I liked the idea of a matchmaking service gone wrong, so the story’s intentions were good, but I don’t think it was pulled off as smoothly as it could have. The story did move fast, especially compared to Secret Keeping, but some chapters were choppy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the writing wasn’t consistent. However, I loved the characters the author created. Avery wasn’t my favorite, personally, but she did have the spunk and personality I look for in main characters. I disliked how she acted around Sam. Once again, we had a clueless girl not notice the obvious clues that a boy like her! How could she not realize Sam’s feelings?! She was also quite flustered around him, which I get, but their conversations got repetitive. I <3 Sam! He was adorable, and although the author described him as arrogant, I didn’t find him that way at all. The last two pages with him and Avery were my favorite out of the entire book! Blake was a bit annoying, but as the story continued, I could see why she acted that way. I came to like her by the very end. The dress scene was hilarious in a bad-sort of way. I was laugh and cringing at the same time! Speaking of which, there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments in the book. I felt so bad for Avery when Ms. Tosh, the class advisor, confronted her! I would not be able to lie as well as Avery did ;) So, cute story, but nothing award-winning.

Pros: Developed and unique characters and an entertaining plot.

Cons: Inconsistent writing style.

Heads Up: Lovey-dovey stuff, all middle-school friendly.

Overall: I give it 3 1/2 to 4 {***1/2 to ****} stars. I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

Like I promised, this is the last romance book for now. Unfortunately, Cinder has to be returned, but I’m sure I will get again :(

Bella :)


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