loving >> week 16


Sorry for the delay in posting this!

I’m loving…

the voice

Okay, I am a little late to the game, but I have enjoyed watching The Voice the past few weeks! I am still an American Idol fan, but it is interesting to compare how the two shows differ. The blind auditions were entertaining, but it is getting really fun as we enter into the battle rounds! As I watch the contestants sing, I don’t think I could ever decide between them. The judges are a refreshing change from American Idol, and it’s funny to see them tease with each other :) There are some very talented singers, so I guess it will all end up based on the live shows!

the doll wardrobe’s march “trends to sew”

The Doll Wardrobe’s latest post is another edition of “Trends to Sew.” This month, they took clothing from the company O’ Neill that would look AHmazing in doll form. The Doll Wardrobe ladies chose pieces that are very “in,” like stripes, plaid, and maxi dresses, that I would definitely buy if I found them on Etsy or Ebay for my dolls. Hopefully, doll clothing designers will take note!

Doodle DaisyLime's Up

Summer CottagePriscilla Pink

vera bradley’s summer 2012 patterns

The spring line and most of the winter line were a miss, so just imagine my surprise when I fell in love with every. single. pattern. in Vera Bradley’s summer release! These four patterns will debut this Thursday online and in stores. Doodle Daisy is adorable! The bright blues and grassy greens will transition nicely from spring to summer. Lime’s Up reminds me of the pool, with the hints of aqua, but the greens makes me think of lush grass and flowers. Summer Cottage is sure to be a classic, and I love how VB took the nautical theme and made it their own. Finally, Priscilla Pink is one of my favorite color combinations EVER! It is girly, without being overly so. How am I suppose to choose when I want to buy a new bag? What do you think of Vera Bradley’s summer line?

this jacket

Now that spring has unofficially arrived, I pulled out my new yellow pea coat from the Gap! It is extremely comfortable, and it moves well. I love how it adds a pop of color to the dreary mornings!

Irish Mouse Clip Art

st. patrick’s day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Nothing special to celebrate, but I wanted an excuse to use that cute mouse :) If you are interested in making a batch of special treats, both Sweet Sugarbelle and Thirty Handmade Days have some great tutorials. Of course, you could always wear something green to add some St. Patrick’s Day cheer!

Have a fabulous day!
Bella :)


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