my top ten historical fiction novels


Over the weekend, I came across such an entertaining blog for “bookish” people :) The Broke and the Bookish post book reviews and also host a linky party each Tuesday called “Top Ten Tuesday.” Now, granted it is Wednesday, but I still want to participate in this week’s theme: Top Ten {insert genre here}. Since this is my first time, I just did historical fiction, like they did for their example. As I have told you often, I like lists a LOT, and I am a huge bookworm, so I think this should be fun!  Without further ado, here are my favorite historical fictions in no specific order…

Chains (Seeds of America)

1. Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson // This and its sequel, Forge, are from a slave’s point of view during the Revolutionary War. Although they are a bit graphic, the story is SO incredibly detailed, and I learned a lot. It is really outstanding writing.


2. Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix // The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire is something overlooked in historical fiction, but Haddix wrote a well-written novel about it. I was already a fan of her work, but Uprising really brought it to another level.

The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal Adventures)

3. The Diamond of Drury Lane {or any other Cat Royal books} by Julia Golding // I’m a bit sad that these are not as well-known as other books. I thought they were terrific, and the Drury Lane aspect made it a fun read.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne // From what I’ve heard, people either loved or hated this book. I actually enjoyed it, and I might have teared up at the end. It was SO horribly sad :(

The Thief Lord 1st (first) edition Text Only

5. The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke // The Thief Lord is the first required reading book that I have actually enjoyed. The time isn’t specifically mentioned, but I’m sure it takes place sometime in the past. The descriptions and imagery makes me want to travel to Venice!


6. Countdown by Deborah Wiles // This book is told in images and words, and takes place in 1962. If only the other two books in the planned trilogy would come out!

The Romeo And Juliet Code

7. The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone // Hands down, one of my favorite reads of 2011. I loved Phoebe Stone’s realistic fiction writing, but she did her homework for her first historical novel, which I appreciate. The Romeo and Juliet Code is a book that I recommend often!

The Private Thoughts of Amelia E. Rye

8. The Private Thoughts of Amelia E. Rye by Bonnie Shimko // For a younger audience, but I read it because the story takes place in my favorite time period, the 1960’s. The plot wasn’t memorable, but the book as a whole was.

Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)

9. Shadows on Society Hill {and any other AG mysteries} by Evelyn Coleman // American Girl has been a big part of my life, so it makes sense that I would have read the AG books. I prefer the mysteries to the actual stories, and I especially enjoy the “Looking Back into the Past” section. Addy’s first and only mysteries is my favorite out of the bunch.

I can’t think of a tenth one, so let’s just leave it at nine :) Now go link up yourself!

Bella :)


4 thoughts on “my top ten historical fiction novels

  1. I don’t read much historical fiction (well, other than historical romances) – but Chains looks incredibly good. Might just have to add that one to the LONG list of books I want to read :-)


    • I have a long list of books to read too :) Chains is incredible, and it is such a good story. She is an amazing author. You should check it out!
      Bella :)


  2. Hi Bella:
    Thanks for stopping by. Loved the historical book list. I have read scads of historical books, and looks like most of yours are juvenile or YA. I hope you will check back now and then because I plan to do a tribute to great kid lit and there will be some historical reads on there.
    Happy Pages,
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