Oopsy Daisy: A Book Review


 Oopsy Daisy: A Flower Power Book

Oopsy Daisy by Lauren Myracle

I’m trying something a bit different for the summary today, just because it will be easier to tell each girl’s storyline apart.

Summary: The Flower Power girls are back, with even more drama and 5th grade fun ahead!


Milla isn’t pleased when she sees Elena join the ranks of the mean girls, Modessa and Quin. How could someone so nice be hanging out with girls so evil? However, Milla is sure that Elena was forced in to befriending Modessa, and Milla wants to help. And what about her boyfriend, Max? Are they ready to hold hands!?


Katie-Rose is giddy when she hears about trapeze lessons. She has been worried that her FFFs {Flower Friends Forever :)} are growing up too fast, and focusing on boys and makeup, instead of acting their own ages. This is the perfect opportunity to be a kid again! But will her best friends agree?


Yasaman is obviously Ms. Perez’s favorite student. And now, Yasaman feels like she should return the favor. Ms. Perez and Mr. Emerson are so cute together, but both don’t acknowledge their chemistry. If only the Flower Power girls could get them together at the Lock-In…


Violet has been a wreck ever since her mom has returned from the hospital. Sometimes she can’t bear to be away from her mother, and at other times, Violet can’t stand her! She misses hanging out with her friends and attending events like the Lock-In, but her mom needs her, right?

My Thoughts: Lauren Myracle has always been one of my favorites after I read her entire Winnie series! The Flower Power books are geared for a younger age group, but they still deliver the humor and drama Myracle intertwines in her YA books. The girls are some of the most memorable characters I can think of, and I love them all! Katie-Rose is SO enthusiastic and bubbly, and she is definitely meant to be the main source of humor. I think she and Preston are such a cute couple together. I hope to read more about their relationship in future books! Milla is a sweetie :) She is my favorite. {if I had to choose!} I love how she always looks for the best in people, and is reasonable in dramatic situations. Not only is she my favorite, I think she is also the most like me. Yasaman really grew as a character in this book. Out of the four, she was probably the most developed. I thought the relationship between her and Ms. Perez was a bit over the top, but I can overlook that. Violet was a wreck in this one, and really, the only time she was acting like herself was at the end. One other thing. I loved the conversation between Violet and the school nurse. He has a British accent :) And, although I can’t hear it, it’s almost the same!

Pros: Loveable characters and a humorous plot.

Cons: However loveable the characters are, the character development had room for improvement.

Heads Up: Nothing!

Overall: I give it 4 stars {****}, and I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

Bella :)


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