loving >> week 13


*I published this on Friday, and my subscribers received the post, but for some reason, it didn’t appear on my home page! So, I am publishing it a second time, hoping that it will turn up. With that being said, I may pop in later this afternoon to talk about The Secret World of Arrietty. Thanks for understanding! B :)

I’m loving…

toms ballet flats

I have been eyeing these shoes for a while, so I jumped at the chance to buy them on Tuesday! TOMS are pretty popular at my school, so I knew I would cave in eventually, but I am SO happy that they released their ballet flats this month! They are very me, but they are still in style. It was the choice between natural {shown above} or chambray. Both were adorable, but I ended up deciding on the more natural of the two – the  natural pair. They are extremely comfortable, and fit perfectly in my spring transition wardrobe :)

the march/april issue of american girl magazine

It being the last full week of February, I was expecting my AG March/April issue this week! It finally came today, and it was worth the wait! It was jam-packed with plenty of quizzes. My favorite would have to be the “Which Raincoat Suits You?” or something of that sort. The article on the four American Girl fans around the world was interesting, and I enjoyed reading about how their new lives differ from their lives in the US. The article on how to make a raincoat and umbrella for your doll was adorable! Since April is coming up, I might have to make a pair for my dolls ;)

the oscars

I totally forgot that the Oscars are coming up on Sunday! This past year has had plenty of memorable movies and performances, and The Academy Awards celebrate everyone’s hard work. There are some outstanding nominees for categories like “Best Picture,” but I would love for Jane Erye to win in “Costume Design!” Speaking of which, I am also looking forward to seeing what the actresses will wear on Sunday. The dazzling dresses are always my favorite part!

Pretty Pantone Bundle 3-Pack PocketBac® Sanitizers - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Worksthe pretty pantone collection

While I was at the mall buying my new flats, my friend and I stopped into Bath and Body Works to make good use of their 5 for $5 deal on hand sanitizers. I needed to stock up on a couple of spring ones, considering I am still using one from Christmas! I chose Pop of Pink, and it is my new favorite scent. I also picked up Royal Purple for my sister because she LOVES purple. A lot. The bottle design is a different look for B&BW, but it was definitely eye-catching!

juicy couture’s “venice” eyeglasses

It has been a bit of a struggle, but I have finally accepted the fact that I need glasses. It is not all the time, only when I can’t see the board in class, but I have already chosen my glasses and bought a Vera Bradley glasses case :) I fell in love with this Juicy Couture pair this morning, and I think these will be the one! The color combination of lime green and a deep plum are fun, but not too over the top for me. And the added detail of the little high heel on the side just sold it for me. I actually smiled when I wore them. I think that is an improvement.

Hopefully this actually publishes this time. I have no clue what happened!

Bella :)


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