The Amazing Race {Season 20}


Please excuse my lame title. I really can’t think of anything else!

Anyhoo, the twentieth season of The Amazing Race premiered last night on CBS. The first episode isn’t the most entertaining, but it was fun to watch the teams go skydiving and make over one hundred empanadas! I’m sharing my thoughts on the eleven teams below, and I would love to hear what you think as well!

Dave and Rachel

Although they did not get much screen time, I think Dave and Rachel are one of my favorites. Not only do they seem nice, they are also clear competitors, as they came in first last night. My only concern is the preview, in which the were fighting. Almost every team fights on the show, but these two showed great teamwork, so I’m hoping they will get over it quickly.

Mark and Bopper

All I know is that they shout a lot. I couldn’t care less if they got eliminated now, but as the season goes on, maybe I will get to know them better. I think they are overestimating their skills. They don’t seem like one of the strongest teams, as they were in the bottom pack.

Nary and Jamie

I can’t really say anything about them because they probably only said three things throughout the entire episode. I am all for the girl teams, however, so I’ll be rooting for them :)

Brendon and Rachel

I am not a fan of these two. Rachel seems a bit clueless, and Brendon didn’t make the best impression. And, why, oh why, would you wear a green sequined top on a race around the world?

Joey and Danny

Joey and Danny managed to stay in the competition, but if I’m going to be honest, I would prefer the Hawaiian sisters to them. I can’t see them moving past the fifth or sixth leg. They may have the physical ability, but what about the logical challenges?

Dave and Cherie

They’re okay. Dave and Cherie are married clowns, so maybe they will be the comic relief this season. In past seasons, these types of teams usually only make it to the middle of the race, so I guess we will have to wait and see!

Elliot and Andrew

I barely know anything about these two. Apparently they are twin brothers.

Art and J.J.

Art and J.J. seem to be a strong team. As long as there are no future challenges involving empanadas, I think they will go far ;)

Ralph and Vanessa

This is another team that I did not see enough of to form an opinion. But, based on their looks, I imagine them fighting each other and the other competitors.

Kerri and Stacy

Another all-girl team! Kerri and Stacy are alright, but I don’t see them making it to the finale.

Of course, we also had the sisters who were eliminated last night.

To read more about each team, click here.

Bella :)


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