Reel Life Starring Us: A Book Review


 Reel Life Starring Us

Reel Life Starring Us by Lisa Greenwald

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Summary: The Rockwood Junior High is your typical middle school. The mean girl clique rules the school, while the girls farther down the social pyramid have to endure “chipping,” when an open bag of potato chips are thrown at you, and can only imagine if the dreamy Ross would come and talk to them. Enter Dina. Dina is the artsy type, and always has a video camera in hand. When she and her parents moved from Massachusetts to Long Island, Dina hopes to make a good first impression. However, queen bee Chelsea, and her friends Molly and Kendall, aren’t willing to make room for one more bestie. Forced to work together, Dina and Chelsea are partnered up to create a short film for the school’s 50th anniversary. Chelsea wants nothing to do with the project, and would rather have Dina handle the whole thing. Doesn’t she have to deal with enough after her father lost his job? All Dina wants is for Chelsea to like her, but it’s harder than it seems. There is only one thing that could save their video: To get Sasha Preston, the hit television star and former Rockwood student, to come and speak for their movie! Will Dina and Chelsea be able to finish  their project without any drama?

My Thoughts: There are a handful of select authors that I think are magnificent in writing for the middle school audience! Erin Dionne, Heather Vogel Frederick, Wendy Mass, and the author of Reel Life Starring Us, Lisa Greenwald, just to name a few. Having read {and loved!} Greenwald’s other books, I was delighted to receive her latest book as a Christmas present! Quick side note. Don’t you love her covers? I’m quick to recognize her books, just by the format the author uses. Moving on… RLSU is written in the points of view of Dina and Chelsea, alternating every chapter. {Similar to Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes} Fortunately, the voices differ enough that you won’t get confused, which can happen. Dina was a sweetie :) She was a little bold and forward, and could be socially awkward, but I loved her character all the same. On the other hand, Chelsea was snobby and a bit rude, but I can take her family’s situation into account. By the end, she and I were more on the same page that before. Kendall and Molly were even worse that Chelsea, and I am SO glad I know no one like them in real life. They were stuck-up and I can’t believe Chelsea would become friends with them! Sasha was just “there” for me, and I found she didn’t add as much to the story as Greenwald was looking for. When I went onto Amazon, I couldn’t believe the length of the story! {304 pages} Truly, I thought it was around 200 pages. That’s how fast I finished it! The plot fell flat. At the end, I was hoping for more. A bit of a disappointment, but not enough for me to stop reading the works of Lisa Greenwald :)

Pros: Realistic and easy to connect with characters and setting!

Cons: The plot was a bit of a drag.

Heads Up: Bullying and middle-school friendly romance.

Overall: I give it 4-ish {**** ish} stars, leaning towards 3 1/2. I recommend it for ages 12 and up.

To read about her other books, visit the author’s website here. Did you hear the new about the My Life in Pink and Green sequel! So excited!!!

Bella :)


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