For the Doll Fans :)

ETA on August 15th: Want more Doll School fun? Download Doll School Volume Two here.

B :)


I like to play school with my dolls, as I am sure many AG fans do too! Over the past week I {and my sister} created a doll school packet with everything you need to set up a classroom. There are worksheets, activities, report cards, even a Student of the Month certificate. You can download it here: Doll School Set.

There are more doll school sets floating around. I’ve provided a few links below.

Doll Diaries posted some awesome doll-sized coloring sheets, which you can find here.

I Heart American Girl made the most amazing geography quizzes for AGs, found here.

And, if you want to purchase the official Doll School set from American Girl, click here.

I think that is all!

Have fun!

Bella :)


23 thoughts on “For the Doll Fans :)

  1. Hi, I found a small mistake in your school set. I love your set by the way!!! In the Wright brothers page it says invento instead of invention.
    Your set is awesome!!!


    • Hi!
      For some reason, words and/or letters have been cut off when I changed the packet to a pdf. I tried to fix it, so hopefully that typo is now fixed! Glad to hear you like it :)
      Thanks for mentioning it!
      Bella :)


  2. Bella,my name is Christina and i have one doll.I have always wanted to play school with my doll;but my mom said the set was to expensive.Now that u posted these i can play!THX SO MUCH!!!I love them :):):):):):)


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