Deaf Child Crossing: A Book Review


Deaf Child Crossing

Deaf Child Crossing by Marlee Matlin

Summary: Megan is SO excited! A girl her age just moved into the neighborhood, and Megan has big plans for them to do over the summer. When Cindy and Megan meet, they become inseparable. Spending every day together, Cindy even learned sign language so she could easily communicate with Megan! When Megan’s parents signed her up for summer camp, Megan said she would go as long as Cindy went too. But when they arrive, dozens of problems arise. Megan is spending more time with Lizzy, another deaf girl, than with Cindy. Cindy wants to help Megan, but how can she assist her if Megan doesn’t want the help? Tension is high, but nothing is scarier than when Cindy finds Megan’s bed empty in the middle of the night. Can Cindy overcome their disagreements and find Megan?

My Thoughts: This isn’t a book I would have picked up on my own, but it was chosen to read for our February book club. The girls in the story are younger, and obviously the book is geared towards the elementary audience, so it was a quick read. However, I found the writing very basic, and the dialogue and character development boring. The story was more telling, rather than showing the reader, or having the reader inference. Megan and Cindy were dull, and the author didn’t express their emotions. Megan was extremely stubborn, and I disliked her. Cindy was more tolerable :) Perhaps it is just me, but at times the girls acted a few years older than they were. They didn’t really act like nine-year olds, and I thought they would fit better in a middle school setting. The plot was all over the place. One minute, they became friends, the next they were at camp, and then they were home and fighting? The ending with Apples was random, especially because we never really saw the relationship between Megan and her dog. The chapters also seemed to switch points of view, so it was easy to mix up who you were reading about. Deaf Child Crossing was published in 2002, but as I was reading, it seemed much older than that. And, how clueless are you not to have heard of sign language? Cindy had never heard or seen it in her entire life, and I was surprised at that fact. It could be that we are much more knowledgeable now, but I couldn’t believe her reaction to Megan. With the countless typos, it isn’t worth your time picking up unless you have a free hour on your hands.

Pros: A story with a deaf main character. This is not a common element, and it was interesting to see it through Megan’s eyes!

Cons: Undeveloped characters, boring plot, and dull writing.

Heads Up: Nothing!

Overall: I give it 2 1/2 stars {** 1/2} for a story with good intentions, but it just didn’t crossover well. I recommend it for ages 8 and up.

To learn about the other two books in the series, click here.

Just realized that Marlee Matlin is in one of my favorite shows, Switched at Birth! Clearly, I have not been paying much attention ;)

Bella :)


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