Double Feature: A Book Review


Double Feature (Rising Stars)

Double Feature by Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy

Summary: Identical twins Payton and Emma have just returned home after an exciting class trip to New York, and are about to embark on another adventure. They’re going to Hollywood! A friend of Mrs. Burkle, Payton’s drama teacher, saw the girls perform in an off-Broadway play in New York, and decided to cast them in his commercial for the shampoo, Teen Sheen. Both girls are set to conquer California, bet no one was prepared for the appearance of the bully, Ashlynn, or to fall in the arms of the adorable singer, Dustin Weaver ;) With star sightings, a jealous teen, and an unexpected appearance on a game show, Payton and Emma’s trip will be full of opportunities to switch places. But, considering the disastrous results in the past, will the twins be able to avoid the drama?

My Thoughts: I have always been a fan of Julia DeVillers, and although this series is a bit easy, I continue to read to see what trouble Payton and Emma will get into next :) Double Feature lived up to the quality of the first few books, and personally, I thought this was better than Times Squared, the last book in the series! The news of Payton and Emma’s trip to Hollywood was a bit farther in the story than I would have liked, but it built up the suspense as to what they were going. Emma seemed more stressed in this book than in the others, but I can’t put my finger on why. Perhaps it was the upcoming Geobee, but I wished she loosened up for her trip. Payton was the classic, klutzy and dramatic twin as always, and I thought she has matured since the first book. Ashlynn was just evil, but that was expected, although her appearance wasn’t! Ashlynn’s handler, Zoe, was a doll, and I kind of wished she was a main character. I loved how the authors twisted the names of real celebrities, for example, Justin Beiber became Dustin Weaver ;) There were plenty of love interests, but I liked Emma’s boyfriend, Ox, the best. He was so sweet, and definitely not like the average middle school boy! The story was cute, and held my interest until the very end. I look forward to the next book in the series!

Pros: Realistic and developed characters.

Cons: The plot and writing were basic, but that could be the fact that I am older than the intended age.

Heads Up: Nothing to be concerned with.

Overall: I give it 4 stars {****} for a good addition to an already terrific series. I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

To see the rest of Payton and Emma’s adventures, click here.

Bella :)


8 thoughts on “Double Feature: A Book Review

    • Hi!
      Well, at the end, Payton and Emma’s commercial is shown to the drama class, but first, Sydney’s, their enemy, commercial is shown first. It think Sydney dressed up as a tire, or maybe it was a fish, but, she dresses up in a wacky costume and advertises for a local company. The commercial was really bad :) Payton and Emma’s is then shown, and they were in a commercial for Teen Sheen, a shampoo brand. There is plenty of drama, but most specifically, Ashlynn, another enemy of their’s, like Dustin Weaver, but it is Emma/Payton {can’t remember} who falls into his arms. There is also the trivia show, where Emma goes on, instead of Ashlynn. I hoped I helped. Have fun at your book club!
      B :)


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