Heist Society: A Book Review


Heist Society

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Summary: As a toddler, Katarina Bishop was already assisting her father, a talented art thief. Now, fifteen years old, Kat enrolls herself into a prestigious boarding school, to get away from the family business. However, when Kat is kicked out for a prank, she has nowhere else to go. Hale, Kat’s good friend, and a sixteen year old billionaire, informs her that her dad was accused of steeling five priceless paintings from Arturo Taccone. Kat is certain that her father is innocent, but Arturo disagrees. He gives Kat only two weeks to retrieve the paintings, or she could say goodbye to her loved ones. Determined to clear her dad’s name, Kat gathers up a team of  intelligent teenagers to help her. There’s her lifelong friend, Hale and Gabrielle, Kat’s model-like cousin. There’s Simon, who knows how to hack into just about anything, the Bagshaws, a pair of rambunctious brothers, and the incredibly cute newcomer. With the help of her team, Kat plans to do the impossible. Steal from the Henley. Will Kat, Hale, and the rest of the crew be able to steal back the paintings in time, without getting caught?

My Thoughts: This is my second time reading Heist Society, and I enjoyed just the same this time around! My friend chose this book for our book club this month, and I spent my week skimming/reading through it for today’s meeting. Ally Carter is such a talented writer, and although her plot’s are fairly straightforward, there are twists and turns in every chapter. Does anyone else see her books being turned into movies? I was hooked after finishing the first chapter when Kat was framed for ruining the headmaster’s car. Hale was sympathetic and smarter than he sounds. He also knew when to stop, which was a skill Kat was lacking. Marcus, Hale’s butler, was quiet, but he was a good addition to the story. However, I didn’t like when Marcus was acting later in the story because he just felt too out-of-place. The Bagshaws are the best, and they never fail to make me laugh even in high tension. Simon and Gabrielle were entertaining as well, and were definitely needed for the crew. The plot was basic, steal from the Henley and retrieve the paintings, but there was always an unexpected twist. I’m sure Ally Carter took a good amount of time to educate herself on the art used in the story. I loved learning about the paintings and museums! Heist Society is a suspenseful and witty story worth looking into!

Pros: A unique and entertaining cast of characters, and a suspenseful and well-written story.

Cons: I found the style of the writing a bit odd, but I don’t know how to describe it.

Heads Up: Stealing and romance.

Overall: I give it 5 stars {*****} for a wonderful novel! I recommend it for ages 12 and up.

Uncommon Criminals (A Heist Society Novel)

The sequel to Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, is okay, but not as good as the first book. Learn more here.

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