What Happened to Goodbye: A Book Review


What Happened to Goodbye

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Summary: Ever since her parents divorced, Mclean has lived in four different towns with her dad in the past two years. Trying to escape her past, Mclean creates a different personality, using her middle name, Elizabeth, for help. In one, she was Eliza, the peppy and enthusiastic cheerleader with a boatload of school spirit. The next time she moved, Mclean became Lizbet, the dark, dramatic, and daring teenager. In her last town, she was Beth, the neat and preppy leader, who was in student council and organized bake sales. But, as she moves once again, Mclean decides to simply stay Mclean. Settling in to her new home, Mclean meets her neighbor, Dave, the boy genius next door, Deb, the student ambassador with a quirky and unique past, and Riley, laid-back and level-headed. As her dad manages the restaurant, Luna Blu, Mclean works with Deb and Dave on the town model, hangs out with Riley and a few of her classmates, and does whatever she can to avoid her mother. When Mclean’s friends find out about Eliza, Lizbet, and Beth, and her family falls apart, Mclean is a mess. Will Mclean be able to find out her true self, all while managing her family and friends?

My Thoughts: This book just happened to be my first Sarah Dessen novel, and the first book I read on my kindle! I really enjoyed this book, but after reading a few reviews, it seems like it falls short of Dessen’s other novels. Any clarification there? That aside, I can’t wait to find more of Dessen’s other books! Mclean was okay, but I wished you learned a bit more of her experiences as Eliza, Lizbet  and Beth. I thought that as a teenager, she shouldn’t have been taking the amount of care for her father as she did. Where was he half the time? And Mclean’s mom! She got on my nerves so easily, but once she and Mclean spent time together, I finally understood where she was coming from. It took a bit, but I finally warmed up to Dave by the middle. The introduction to him was just ODD. Who reads on their unknown neighbor’s porch?! Deb was one of my favorite characters. At first, I thought she was a timid, shy, girl, but in each chapter, you learned something unexpected about her! Riley and her best friend, Heather, could have more development in their characters. I liked Ellis, but he wasn’t a major character to the story. Opal, the manager of Luna Blu, was alright too, but overall, I felt the book was lacking a bit in the character department.

Pros: The storyline was entertaining and amusing! My favorite scene? When poor Mclean smacked her nose on her locker door. Mean, I know, but I was laughing out loud!

Cons: Basic and boring characters.

Heads Up: Partying and hints of romance.

Overall: I give it four stars {****} for a fun teen lit. I recommend it for ages 13 and up.

Any Sarah Dessen book suggestions?

Bella :)


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