zoey noel.

Oops! I totally forgot to give credit to Bonggamom Finds for the McKenna pictures. SO sorry!

B :)


Zoey Noel was my sixth {and final} doll. She is a MyAG #46 {I think!} and I received her as a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle two years ago. She received plenty of gifts this year, both for her birthday and Christmas! On Saturday, she left out cookies and milk for Santa, and she was filled with anticipation for the day to come. The plate was covered in goodies, everything from Zoey’s sister’s homemade Rice Krispy Bars to Zoey’s own gingerbread man, along with a gooey Jelly Cookie.

Christmas morning, Zoey awoke to see her stocking overflowing with gifts. She couldn’t wait to open her presents! Zoey was so excited, she didn’t bother to change out of her pajamas. Underneath the tree were a box and a bag, with tags made out to her. What to open first?

Inside of her furry pink stocking, Zoey found a gingerbread cookie. She didn’t even show her family before she ate it up :) Another present inside was an issue of the American Girl magazine! It was a winter edition, and Zoey was sure she would finish it over winter vacation.

Next, Zoey opened the present inside of the snowman bag. It was a gift from her older sister, April.  “I can use this for shopping!” she exclaimed, holding up the bag. But, the present was even better than the bag. “Apples to Apples!” Zoey said with delight. She immediately started to read the directions. She wanted to be a pro by New Year’s Eve. Zoey didn’t want to lose to her best friend, Julie ;)

There was only one present left for Zoey, and it was a birthday and Christmas gift from her parents. Zoey had no idea what was inside of the large, wrapped rectangle, and finally, she couldn’t wait any longer. Zoey pulled out an American Girl box. It was a Cecile doll!

“She’s gorgeous! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!” she said in a rush. Zoey admired the red dress, and played with Cecile’s curls. Zoey could not wait to tell her friend Isabella, who owned Rebecca.

While her mom and dad were in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner, and April was busy with her gifts, Zoey and Cecile read Meet Cecile. It was so intriguing, and Zoey made a note to checkout the other books in the series at the library.

Zoey couldn’t think of a better way to spend her Christmas.

I meant to post this yesterday, but I wasn’t in the mood to post. Isn’t Mini Cecile adorable!? I also love the wee Apples to Apples and Pippaloo’s AG food never disappoints!

I’m sure if you have been anticipating McKenna’s release, you have seen these around the web! I meant to post these yesterday, too. I just love McKenna’s looped braids!

I believe this will be McKenna’s “big item”, like Kanani’s Shaved Ice Stand, and Lanie’s camper. I have no idea if it will be sold separately or not, but I really like those mini books!

Bella :)


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