A Christmas Carol: A Book Review


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and illustrated by P.J. Lynch

Summary: It’s 1843 on Christmas Eve, and there’s only one man who doesn’t believe in the Christmas season. Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, cruel-hearted man, who often declares “Bah Humbug!” And only one man can teach him to change his ways before it is too late. Jacob Marley, his partner that died seven years ago, comes back to haunt Scrooge that very Christmas Eve. Wearing the chains he created in life, Jacob warns Scrooge that three spirits will visit him that night. There is the Ghost of Christmas Past, who brings Ebenezer to his childhood and young adulthood, the Ghost of Christmas Present, who shows him Tiny Tim, the little boy with a positive outlook, and Ghost of Christmas Future, who brings Scrooge to his later life. With the help of the three spirits, will Scrooge change his outlook on Christmas, or will he end up with a horrible future?

My Thoughts: I always try to read at least one Christmas themed book each December, whether it be an American Girl book or the third book in the Main Street series, and this year, after seeing many adaptions, I decided to try A Christmas Carol! It was a bit challenging, but since I knew the storyline, I was able to understand what the author was saying. I felt sympathy for Scrooge, and I am so happy with how his character ended up! Speaking of which, I loved the ending. After a darker plot, it was nice to have a more cherry event ;) The spirits were interesting. My favorite was the Ghost of Christmas Present. I mean, how could you hate him? Both the Future and Past ghosts were mysterious. Of course, this only applies to the edition I read, but P.J. Lynch’s illustrations were gorgeous! They really added an extra touch to the story, and were a great visual when I was confused. I am glad I read this, and will probably read it again in a few years!

Pros: A beautiful story and illustrations! Teaches a great lesson.

Cons: May be a bit difficult, depending on age and level of reading.

Heads Up: A darker plot. Probably too scary for little kids.

Overall: I give it 4 1/2 stars {**** 1/2} for a terrific Christmas classic. I recommend it for ages 12/13 and up.

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Last night, I begin watching Disney’s latest edition of the Christmas Carol! I watched it last year, and although it was pretty intense, I thought it was great! I hope to finish watching the other half before Christmas.

Only one week left!

Bella :)


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol: A Book Review

  1. […] I’ve always read this novel around Christmas, but really, there’s no more appropriate time! I read another one of Dickens’ works, Great Expectations, this past spring in school, but I believe A Christmas Carol will forever be my favorite. On another note, go for P.J. Lynch’s illustrated edition of this book if you are considering purchasing this story; it’s gorgeous in person. {review} […]


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