My Love List No. 3

Hello bloggy friends!

I’m loving…

  • I’m a Giant Challenge: Oh my! How I wish I owned one of those adorable dollhouses! Created by Emily Henderson, the winner of HGTV’s Design Star Season 5, it was a challenge for bloggers everywhere to complete furnish a {doll}house! I think it sounds fun, and I’ve spent a good chunk of my afternoon admiring these teeny works of art! Yesterday was supposed to be the big reveal, but considering the amount of people not finished, the deadline has been extended. Fortunately, some of the contestants have finished, so I didn’t worry :) It is so hard to pick a favorite because they are all so darn GOOD! However, there were three that really stood out. I’m loving the nursery’s wallpaper at Making It Lovely. The birds are so cheery and colorful! The exterior of Go Haus Go‘s House is gorgeous. The miniature red door is truly brilliant! Finally, can you believe this is not a true house? I had to look twice to make sure! I can’t wait to see Emily’s!


  • Aspire: There are so many talented bloggers out there, and so many I consider to be an inspiration, and now I’ve added one other website to my “Lovelies” list! Hannah writes at Aspire, and I swear, every time I go on, I find myself laughing at her posts and I’m speechless when I see her beautiful photographs! Her Chocolate Orangettes look delish! I’m always on the lookout for easy, quick, and tasty recipes, and I’m pretty sure this will become a new favorite?! On another note, her posts the past few weeks always put me in the holiday mood. I am a bit envious that she has received snow already and I haven’t. I mean, a light dusting would be nice, nothing too heavy, right?


  • This jacket: I received this today, and you know, once it snows or gets colder, I will wear it :) Compared to the rest of my wardrobe, Boden, by far, has the best quality! Have you not seen the lining this thing? There’s no doubt I will be cozy and warm on those chilly January mornings! I love the A-line style. It adds a little feminine touch! Navy is the perfect neutral. It goes with everything I own, and doesn’t stick out too much, like a neon green or purple. {In the minds of a teenage girl, it is best not to be that noticeable. Or maybe that’s just me.} Anyhoo, it will be a nice change of pace from my regular uniform… my North Face. No one said you can’t be warm and stylish!

  • My Suitcase Heart: Regularly coming up on Pinterest, I knew I had to see what My Suitcase Heart was all about. Janis and Mike are so inspiring, and I know this will be another addition to my already long list of bloggers! I’ve had so much fun reading about their wedding, but I’m now ready to see how they celebrate their holiday season! I <3 their festive Christmas decor, especially the window treatment! Ugly sweaters are just another custom of December, so why not have some fun with it? And, although this was in November, I just had to mention it. Janis and Mike enjoy playing Scrabble, as do I {I am probably more of a Bananagrams player actually.}, but I usually don’t stand a chance against my mom and dad. One day I will win. I am going to call myself Future Scrabble Champ :)

Pinned Image

  • The first day of winter: Winter doesn’t start until Thursday, but I’m already feeling the shorter days and cooler weather. I don’t actually own a fireplace, nor do I wear hats, and I don’t drink tea, but the rest of that list definitely applies to me! The holidays are right around the corner {9 days left!} and I haven’t wrapped a single present. Oops. I am totally obsessed with sweaters, and I’m asking for some more for Christmas! We have yet to get snow, but I am sure my parents and brother don’t mind. They’re thrones stuck shoveling the driveway. But, hands down, the best thing about the upcoming season is hot chocolate! Oh, and the fact that I can say “Il fait froid.” and have it be true ;)

Turns out that this is my longest post ever!

Bella :)


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