Notes From An Accidental Band Geek: A Book Review


Notes From An Accidental Band Geek

Notes From An Accidental Band Geek by Erin Dionne

Summary: Elsie Wyatt is a french horn player, just like her father and her grandfather. A freshman, Elsie plans to audition for Shining Birches, the prestigious music camp, any young musician’s dream to attend. If she gets in, she would be one of the youngest students to attend, and it would prove to Elsie’s father how dedicated she is to playing the horn. In order to qualify, Elsie must expand her musical horizons. The only thing left to join that fits into her schedule is {deep breaths} marching band! Nothing at all like orchestra, Elsie has to play the mellophone {?} instead of her beloved french horn and she has to cluck? At first, joining marching band was to prove that yes, Elsie was old enough and ready to audition for Shining Birches to her dad, but as Elsie plays in more and more events, she realizes that maybe marching band isn’t that bad after all. She has new friends, a cute boy, and older classmates looking out for her. But, with a few snappy comments, Elsie’s whole world goes upside down. Hector and Sarah, her good friends, won’t speak to her. There’s that whole situation between Punk and Jake. And, the Shining Birches audition is the same weekend as the Darcy’s Thanksgiving Parade! How will Elsie ever fix the mess she created?

My Thoughts: Erin Dionne is one of the best writers for teenage girls! Her third novel, Band Geek made me laugh out load, squeal in horror and cry all on the same page! Elsie, however annoying her sarcasm and bratty comments were, was a FAB main character! I could totally feel her emotions and conflict. I can see so many readers relating to Elsie’s various situations, like trying her hardest to impress her dad, finally fitting in, fights with friends and boyfriends, and deciding between two very important events. Her friends, Hector, Jake and Sarah, were supportive, maybe a bit too much, but I’m happy that they made up with Elsie in the end. Steve, Punk and AJ were hilarious, and added that charm to the marching band. I was NOT expecting Punk’s response when Elsie confronted him. The fact that he was looking out for her was such a kind gesture, and not something I wouldn’t think of a high school boy ;) Mr. Wyatt, Elsie’s father, had the best intentions, but got on my nerves often. I also thought her mom should have done something more when Elsie and her father were fighting. Mrs. Wyatt was just there. I was not that happy with the parents. One last note. I loved how Erin Dionne changed Macy’s to Darcy’s and Twilight to Dusk!

Pros: Almost all of the characters were fully developed, and the plot was spot-on!

Cons: Some fairly annoying and/or frustrating characters, but that is just the reader’s opinion :)

Heads Up: Nothing really.

Overall: I give it 5 stars {*****} for a LOL tween novel! I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

Glee was SO funny last night! I loved Barbra the pig :) January 17 is only 34 days away! Until then, I will be spending my Tuesdays watching the reruns on FOX.

Bella :)


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