From Willa, With Love: A Book Review


From Willa, With Love (The Wedding Planner's Daughter)

From Willa, With Love by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Summary: It’s August, and Willa has to spend her summer without her best friend, Mariel, and her boyfriend, JFK. But, with her newly discovered brother Will, her {slightly} annoying friends, Tina and Ruby, and Mum, a dear friend returning to Cape Cod, Willa is anything but lonely. The inn is running at full speed, and Willa has a wedding to plan, all while dealing with some upsetting news. Rosie, the beloved chef at Willa’s family’s inn is leaving, and Willa is split to being happy for her to being upset. Not only that, but Ruby’s mom and Mum have a depressing announcement! And what about that Jess, the adorable drummer, who likes Willa… and Willa might like too? It’s one dramatic, book-filled, and surprising  summer for Willa Havisham!

My Thoughts: This was obviously a “teen beach read” based on the size of the novel and the fluffy plot, but it’s December, so I’ll settle for a blanket and a heated bed instead ;) Like I said above, the plot was cute, but nothing memorable. It was filled with plenty of drama {perhaps a bit too much?} and relationships. {conflicts, love, friendship etc.} Willa was okay. Her worries and stress added to her character, and fully developed her personality. Tina and Ruby were minor characters, but their boy-crazed minds added some laughter to the plot. I loved Sam! He was such a good dad, and seemed to know when to step in, as well as stay in tune with everyone’s emotions. If only everyone was a bit like him! Stella, Willa’s mom, was too over the top and harsh, but Coleen Murtagh Paratore showed us her sensitive side in a few chapters. The quotes involving books at the beginning of each chapter was entertaining. I think I found some new favorites! Another feature I liked that I’ve always looked forward to was the “Pix List” at the very end of the book. This was not the best selection IMO {especially compared to the previous books} but there is definitely several books I will look into!

Pros: A cute teen read with loveable characters.

Cons: A fluffy plot with a bit too much drama and side plots/storylines.

Heads Up: Romance, and lots of it, but it is more on the couple themselves than their actions, if that makes any sense?

Overall: I give it 3 1/2 stars {*** 1/2} for an okay middle school novel. I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

The five books leading to this one can be found here.

Tonight is the Amazing Race finale! The three teams competing are Ernie and Cindy, Amani and Marcus, and Jeremy and Sandy. I’m still a bit upset after the snowboarders were eliminated last week, but the final three teams deserve to be there. I am rooting for Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus. We will have to wait and see!

As December whizzes by, we are getting close to the release of the Girl of the Year 2012! Her full name is McKenna Brooks, and her book summaries are shown below.

Title: McKenna
Author: Mary Casanova
Summary: Seattle fourth-grader McKenna Brooks, who lives for gymnastics, struggles with school work until Josie, a tutor confined to a wheelchair, helps her with reading comprehension and much more.

Title: McKenna, Ready to Fly
Author: Mary Casanova
Summary: When Seattle fourth-grader McKenna Brooks’ cast comes off she dives back into gymnastics training in hopes of making the competitive team, but after volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding center, she considers broadening her interests.

All information was found here.

Bella :)


10 thoughts on “From Willa, With Love: A Book Review

  1. hey i read this book for my book report for my english teacher i think i liked it because it had romance i liked everything about it exept for drama

    <3 mecia


    • There has been so many searches for “from willa, with love book report” on my blog, yet you’re the first person to comment about it! Haha :) These books do a great job with the romance, but are definitely not what I would call a classic. Good beach reads, as I call them!
      B :)


  2. Well, some info on me first so you know where I’m coming from! I am only 13, soon to be 14, and I just read this book a week ago. I agree with the “Too much Drama” but overall, I loved the book. I thought it was inspiring. And the quotes at the beginning of each chapter was the cutest idea ever! I love reading so much, so I could connect with Willa. (In more than one way, though. D: ) But I liked how you described the book!


    • Hi Ally!
      I love hearing from fellow teen readers, so thanks for saying hi! :) I’m glad to hear that you liked the book, if you have any recommendations, or are in need of some, be sure to let me know!
      B :)


      • Cool! Have you read the Mortal Instruments Series? Just wondering. That’s an amazing series! If you don’t have a Wattpad, you should totally make one. Just about every story on there is actually great! I love reading books, whether they are written by famous authors or undiscovered writers! Follow me at @blackthornredrose99
        Adios for now! <3


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