My Love List No. 2


I am SO sorry for not posting this yesterday, but Frosty and Yes, Virginia were a higher priority :) I am also hosting a cookie exchange this afternoon, so my morning has been full of recipe writing and cookie baking! Fortunately, I found some time to squeeze in some beloved blogging.

Another side note before I begin ;) You will notice below that the format of my Love List has changed. I wasn’t liking how the post was laid out last week, so I’m experimenting with various styles!

I’m loving…

  • This collection: I guess it is considered strange to being using a Halloween scent in December, so I took the time to switch out my Pocketbac on my lunchbox. I love the apple and pear scents, so it makes sense that I would choose All I Want is a Gift! Bath and Body Works clearly took inspiration from the popular Christmas carol to name the fragrance Pear Tree. The entire collection is adorable, and hopefully I will be able to stock up on some more once the winter collections go on sale!

Pinned Image

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: How could you not love that little face of Rudolph? This Christmas special is on CBS tonight at 8/7c, and besides Frosty, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Prep and Landing, The Grinch…, well let’s just say I like a lot of Christmas specials :) Anyhoo, Rudolph is a classic, and I can’t wait to see Hermey, Clarice, and the always loud Yukon Cornelius!  I was too busy watching Glee on Tuesday, so I missed the first time Rudolph premiered this year, but not to worry, I will be ready for it this time!

Mini Holiday Silicone Spatula, Set of 3

  • These spatulas: I picked up these last night as prizes for the best cookies in the cookie swap I’m hosting {in an hour!}, but they are so fun and cherry, I wish that they were for me! Now, the three shown above aren’t the exact ones I bought {The three I have are a gingerbread man, snowman and plenty of candy.}, but they are close enough. With the holidays about, it is crucial to have quality baking supplies to make dozens of cookies. They are just perfect for scraping down bowls or licking off dough! Not that I do that, or anything…

  • This movie: I watched “Valentine’s Day” last year and enjoyed it, so I hope “New Year’s Eve” is just as good! With such a star-studded cast, I am sure I will like it, despite the so-so reviews. Of course, I am looking forward to seeing Lea Michele in another character than Rachel Berry from “Glee”, and the storyline between Abigail Breslin’s character and Jake T. Austin’s character, both of whom I am a fan of, looks like something I can relate to. It’s just a fact that Sofia Vergara is and you would have to be living under a rock not to notice how busy Zac Efron has been! I can’t wait to see it, whether on DVD or in theaters!

Pinned Image

  • Gingerbread House making: On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, I will be representing my team in a Gingerbread House competition. At my school, each team {four per grade} competes in various events throughout the year to win point. The prize? Bragging rights ;) This is the second year the Gingerbread House Event had been running, and my first time in it! I love to bake and design, so hopefully my skills will come in handy! I will be working with three other kids to fully decorate a house, and not to brag or anything, but with me on the team, we will be all set :) Any suggestions on how to decorate my our house?

Bella :)


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