Five Flavors of Dumb: A Book Review

Hello!Five Flavors of Dumb

Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

Summary: When the hottest high school rock band, Dumb, asked eighteen year old Piper if she would be the band’s manager, no one expected her to say “yes.” But, Piper Vaughan did, and she has only a month to get Dumb a paying gig. She desperately needs the money if she plans to go to college, ever since her parents raided her account to pay for her little sister’s cochlear implant. One other thing. Piper is deaf. Without knowing if the band is any good or not, Piper navigates her way through managing one obnoxious lead singer, a silent rocker, her chess club companion, an angry girl and a talentless piece of eye candy. She seems to be doing well, until the BIG blowup on a local TV station. It doesn’t seem like Dumb will be getting back together any time soon, but Piper is determined to, as she is tired of getting lost in the crowd. Will Piper be able to help Dumb rock out, and find her true identity? Or will it all slap her in the face?

My Thoughts: OH. MY. One of the best teen novels I have ever read. Five Flavors of Dumb is the perfect amount of drama, humor, and a hint of rock-and-roll! I was hooked by the time I finished reading the back cover ;) The idea of having a “different” main character, rather that a clueless, pretty teenager was refreshing, and Antony John handled Piper’s deafness so well! Piper felt real, with her sarcasm and jealously. I instantly connected with her on the first page! I LOVED her little brother, Finn! The reader could clearly see that he cared for his family, especially Piper, although he messed up from time to time. Finn obviously regrets his mistakes, and looks for ways to “fix” them. I just wish he was in Dumb as well! Piper’s dad was sweet, despite my feeling towards him in the beginning. He developed over time, and the fact that he learned sign language because it meant so much to Piper was adorable :) Ed was a sweetie, and I am glad that Piper finally realized his feelings for her. They are just SO cute! Tash and Kallie was an unexpected friendship, and I was surprised Will and Josh were even related! The pace of the story was great, and never was I bored! I could go on and on, but the post has to end at some time ;)

Pros: Just about everything!

Cons: A few “rock” terms I was not familiar with, but it just made me want to learn more! Maybe a glossary could have helped?

Heads Up: Language and romance. The entire story in general was mature; definitely a young adult book.

Overall: I give it 5 stars {*****} for a wonderful read! I recommend it for ages 13 and up.

Thou Shalt Not Road Trip

Antony John will have his third book, Thou Shall Not Road Trip, released on April 12, 2012. Can. Not. Wait!


I told you we were going to talk “Glee”! Solid episode last night, and most of the song choices were good. The Santana storyline makes me tense, and the Coach Beiste scenes make me want to hurt Sue. I feel awful for Kurt, and although Rachel meant well, it ended up in a disaster for everyone. What will they do at Sectionals next week?! From the looks of it, it seems like Sam is back next week, and not in the way I expected!

Bella :)


7 thoughts on “Five Flavors of Dumb: A Book Review

    • I’m glad you liked my review, Sophie! I would suggest waiting a few years before you read it, however!
      I talk in “Glee” lingo ;) Hehehe!
      Bella :)
      P.S. Going to visit your blog now!


  1. […] Finally, it’s time I revisit Antony John’s Five Flavors of Dumb, a humorous, well-written story about a deaf teenager and her efforts to bring together the band members of “Dumb.” I can list the deaf characters I have encountered in my years of reading YA on one hand, and Piper is by far the most developed. It has flown under the radar since its 2010 release, but I encourage you to give John’s novel a try. {review} […]


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