Mission (Un) Popular: A Book Review

Mission (Un)Popular

Mission (Un) Popular by Anna Humphrey

Summary: Margot Button was determined to start off the new school year right. That is easier said than done when you don’t have any eyebrows and hideous bangs {a tweezer incident}, zero best friends {she was sent away to a Catholic school because you were a bad influence}, an awful nickname {Hamburglar- after you stole a ham last summer} and an unpaid job. {Babysitting your three little sisters every day after school} But, Margot still has the bright side to look forward to. For example, her crush, Gorgeous George is in all of her classes, she can still hang out with her friend Andrew, and she has even made friends with the new girl from New York, Em. As long as she keeps her big mouth shut, Margot is positive she can leap to the top of the middle school food chain! When Em asks Margot to help her bring the “queen bee” Sarah J. down, Margot is quick to say “yes!” What is the worse that could happen? Em and Margot soon start a silent war between the unpopulars and the “Group”, as Sarah J. and her friends call themselves. Between breakouts, pink posters and flying sandwiches, Margot is in for quite the year. But is it for the best?

My Thoughts: It was okay. Really, there is nothing more to say. Em was quite the character, and I’m sure she stirred up some action in Margot’s Canadian hometown! She had some of the best lines, especially in her comebacks. Maybe it was just me, but as the story continued, I found Em became even more suspicious and deceiving. I don’t want to spoil anything, but she was pretty harsh at the end! Margot was well-developed, despite some holes here and there. She wasn’t my favorite, however, because I found as a main character, she moped and was quite selfish. I thought the triplets were adorable, even though Margot may have disagreed :) Her grandmother was perfect and was very easy to understand. I found it hard to connect with Margot’s parents, as they were unique, but that happens often with those types of characters. One other thing that bugged me was how exaggerated the plot was. What middle-schooler acts like that?

Pros: A LOL plot and some well-developed characters.

Cons: The story could have easily been shortened by 100 pages or more. The plot, while funny, was not easy to relate to.

Heads Up: Bullying and language.

Overall: I give it 3 1/2 stars {*** 1/2} for an okay book. I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

Bella :)


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